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CEO Legacy Oral History Video 

This comprehensive package not only captures the essence of the CEO's legacy but also provides versatile content that can be utilized across different platforms to reinforce the company's heritage and values, fostering a deeper connection with stakeholders and the wider audience. 

Historical Documentation - Capturing the oral history of a key figure preserves the legacy and historical significance of their contributions to the organization.

Vision and Mission Sharing - Communicating the CEO's vision, mission, and strategies fosters alignment and understanding among employees, stakeholders, and the public.

Press Kits and Company Videos - The video can be utilized in press kits, internal communication, and marketing materials to showcase the company's heritage and leadership.



Package Includes:

  1. 1-Hour Consultation Session

  2. 12 Hours of Filming

  3. Interview Question Finalization

  4. Animated Logo Creation

  5. Basic Graphics & Lower Thirds

  6. Resizes for Multiple Platforms

  7. Social Media Scheduling



Creative Product Photography & Cinematography

This comprehensive package offers an end-to-end solution for businesses seeking high-quality product photography and cinematography that can elevate their brand presence across diverse marketing channels, thereby aiding in brand revitalization and increased market visibility.

Enhanced Product Appeal - Creative photography and cinematography bring the product to life, making it more appealing to potential customers.

Multi-platform Usability - Content designed to be versatile and suitable for various marketing platforms, ensuring a consistent brand message.

Convenience and Efficiency - Hassle-free process—send the products and receive finished, high-quality visuals without the need for direct client involvement in the shooting process.

Global Market Readiness - Motion graphics customization ensures suitability for overseas markets and audiences, expanding the product's reach.

Brand Reinforcement - The visually stunning content contributes to the brand's credibility, perception, and market positioning.



Package Includes:

  1. Product Photography & Cinematography

  2. Four Unique Set-Ups

  3. Music Editing

  4. Basic Motion Graphics

  5. Product Shipping and Return



Enhanced Sales
Video Creation

This comprehensive package not only covers the creation of a high-quality sales video but also provides additional materials and strategies to effectively market and maximize the video's impact across various digital channels.

Enhanced Brand Image - A professionally crafted video showcases the brand's credibility and expertise, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.
Increased Engagement
- Video content tends to attract more attention and engagement compared to text-based content, leading to better conversion rates.
Storytelling and Persuasion
- The video allows for storytelling, enabling the business to connect emotionally with the audience and persuade them effectively.
Multi-platform Reach
- Different video sizes and social media posts ensure wider reach and engagement across various digital platforms.
Tailored Services
- Customized consultations and multiple rounds of editing ensure the final video aligns perfectly with the business's objectives.


Screenshot 2024-01-14 at 11.40.37.png

Package Includes:

  1. 1-Hour Consultation Session

  2. 12 Hours of Filming at 2 Locations   

  3. Interview Preparation

  4. Animated Logo Creation

  5. Basic Graphics & Lower Thirds

  6. Resizes for Multiple Platforms

  7. Social Media Creation & Scheduling

  8. On-location Photography

  9. 3 Rounds of Editing Revisions



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